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Set up your Panopto Zoom integration

Set up your Panopto Zoom integration for the pilot study

Instructors can try out the Panopto Zoom integration by participating in our extended pilot study. We ask instructors to familiarize themselves with the integration’s known issues and policies. Then, email to request to participate in the pilot.

Schedule your recordings in Canvas

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  2. After you receive a confirmation that you have been added to the Panopto group, log in to Canvas.
  3. Schedule your Zoom meetings in Canvas. All subsequent Zoom recordings which you scheduled in Canvas will automatically be uploaded into your course folder and inherit the folder’s sharing permissions (unless you’ve changed the settings, the recordings will be shared with your class). In the Meeting Options, make sure to select record the meeting automatically to the cloud.

    • If you had already scheduled Zoom recordings in Canvas, you will need to reschedule them in order for them to be automatically available in Panopto.
    • Make sure you are recording the Zoom meetings to the cloud.
    • We recommend that you do not use your Personal Meeting ID.

Set up manual mapping for recordings not scheduled in Canvas

You may also map recurring meetings to go into a specific Panopto folder automatically. People with permission to view recordings in your folder will be able to access the Zoom recordings when they are imported.


  • If you schedule your Zoom recording in Canvas, it will already be sent automatically into Panopto.
  • To record the meetings automatically, select Record automatically in the cloud.
  • We recommend that you do not use your Personal Meeting ID.
  1. StepsActions
  2. After you receive a confirmation that you have been added to the Panopto group, schedule a Zoom meeting and note the Join URL.
  3. In your Canvas course, from the course menu, select Panopto Recordings.
  4. In the top right corner, click the Open in Panopto icon.
    open Panopto icon
  5. From the top right corner of Panopto, select your username.
  6. Click the User Settings box.
    User settings button screenshot
  7. On the User Settings pop-up window, scroll to Zoom Recording Import Settings.
    Screenshot: Map your meeting
  8. Select Add New to create a folder mapping for a recurring Zoom meeting.
    Add New mapping button
  9. Fill out the following information:
    • Meeting ID: Enter your Zoom meeting ID in the textbox.
      Screenshot: enter Zoom meeting ID
    • Folder Name: Select the dropdown menu and select the folder to which you’d like this recurring Zoom meeting to be saved.
      Note: If the folder you are seeking doesn’t appear, you can start typing its name to search.
      CAUTION! Every meeting that uses this ID will be available in your Panopto folder. Only use this meeting ID for meetings you wish to share with your class or people with access to your Panopto folder.
      Screen shot: select folder
  10. To save this mapping, select Save. To exit without saving, select Cancel.
    Screen shot: Save button

Note: Multiple Zoom meetings can be mapped to a single Panopto folder.  A single Zoom meeting cannot be mapped to more than one folder.

You can map multiple recordings to one folder.           One recording to many folders - does not work

Watch the Foster School of Business’ recording which explains the Panopto Zoom integration and how to set it up (a UW NetID is needed to view it).

Last reviewed December 8, 2020