Campus Technology Research

Last updated: September 22, 2022
Audience: InstructorsStaffResearchersDecision Makers

Campus Technology Research (CTR) is a service of UW-IT’s Academic Experience Design & Delivery (AXDD) unit. The mission of CTR is to improve the experience of UW students, faculty, researchers, and staff by understanding unmet IT needs and conducting research on new or existing technologies and services to meet those needs.

While the projects undertaken each academic year differ, they are designed to meet consistent, overarching objectives and to fall under the broad categories of assessing campus technology needs and piloting technologies for teaching and learning. Summaries of the projects undertaken each year since 2020 can be found [here]. See the pages below for descriptions of current projects.

The Campus Technology Research service team is composed of researchers, business analysts, and service managers from AXDD as well as instructional designers from Academic Technologies and the Center for Teaching and Learning.