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Learn about telework options available at the UW, and the various tools and resources that can help you study, teach and work when you can’t get to campus.
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Powerful online app drives exploration

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, UW introduces versatile online tool that revolutionizes the learning experience

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How will you know if there is an emergency on campus or if winter weather suspends operations?

Sign up for UW Alert for 24/7 notifications about emergencies, snow conditions or other situations that might pose a safety threat or disrupt normal operations.

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Switch to secure, encrypted Wi-Fi network

Connecting to Wi-Fi at the UW? Try eduroam, a free, encrypted Wi-Fi network that offers enhanced security.

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IT Connect provides information about technology at the UW — instructions, how-to documentation, quick-start guides — for teaching, learning, studying, research, planning and administration, and more.

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Last reviewed October 15, 2020