Technology Research & Initiatives

Last updated: September 22, 2022
Audience: InstructorsStaffResearchers

The work of researchers and data scientists in UW-IT’s Academic Experience Design & Delivery spans the arc of academic technology use: discovering emerging technology needs; understanding how technologies are being used on campus; and developing new technologies to improve the student experience and increase student retention and success. All of these efforts center the user’s voice and experience for data and decision making. Our work comprises three areas:

  • Campus Technology Research
    Investigates the needs of UW students, faculty, researchers, and staff, explores potential technology solutions, and evaluates the effectiveness of new tools.
  • Student and Instructor Success Analytics
    Develops innovative technologies that improve the student and instructor experience.
  • Usage of Campus Technology
    Integrates data from multiple sources (surveys, focus groups, interviews, usability studies, usage logs) to better understand how instructors and students engage with classroom technologies currently in use at the UW.