Student Quick-Start Guide

Last updated: August 23, 2023
Audience: Students

UW Information Technology (UW-IT) provides computing and information technology services to help you build a successful academic career. The information below will help you navigate the variety of resources available to you at the UW. Check with your major or program’s IT department for their technology recommendations and guidelines.

Get connected

get_connected1Connect to the UW network and, encrypted Wi-Fi, and online resources at the UW. Set up your UW NetID and email, find printers on campus.

Connect to UW networks

  • Wireless internet access is available throughout most buildings on campus and some outdoor areas around campus.
    • Connect to Eduroam, UW-IT’s recommended Wi-Fi network. Eduroam is a free encrypted Wi-Fi network that offers more security than the unencrypted general purpose University of Washington Wi-Fi network. Eduroam provides access to the internet at the UW and at any eduroam-enabled institution in the United States and around the world.
  • Wired internet access is available in all residence rooms. Learn how to access UW networks from UW Housing.
  • Husky OnNet provides you a secure temporary connection to the UW network from off campus.

Learn about your UW NetID

  • Your personal UW NetID (and its password) provides access to many UW online services including MyUW and UW Email. Your UW NetID verifies who you are, ensures the privacy of your personal information, and restricts the use of UW resources to authorized users.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds a layer of security when you sign in with your UW NetID. With 2FA, first you enter your password, then use a 2FA device to prove it’s really you. 2FA is required to sign in with your UW NetID on the web. We recommend using Duo Mobile on your smartphone because it’s free, secure, and simple to use. Duo Mobile creates no data on your device.

Set up your email

You have two basic options for email—forward UW email to a personal email inbox, or use an email service offered through the UW, such as UW Gmail or UW Exchange Online (part of UW Office 365).

Access your U Drive

Store your work safely on UW servers with the U Drive. The U Drive provides you with a place to store files that can be accessed from anywhere, on- and off-campus, and everything on your U Drive is automatically backed up.

Printing, scanning and copying

Learn about the printing, scanning and copying services available through the UW Libraries.

Practice safe computing

safe_computingProtect your computer, identity, privacy, and data. Download your free antivirus software, and learn how to protect yourself on the web.

  • You get a free license to use Sophos Antivirus Software on University-owned and  personal computers, either on campus or at home.
  • Use safe email practices, and report any abuse, harassment or suspicious email.
  • Be mindful of phishing attempts, and follow the best practices to avoid phishing scams advised by the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer.
  • Use caution when responding to offers both online and by mail. Ensure that any correspondence you receive came from an official source at the University of Washington.

Caution: The University of Washington does not offer computer backup and data protection plans. Offers for such services received by you or your family do not come from the University of Washington, and the UW cannot verify if they are legitimate.

Get software

get-softwareDownload essential software from UW-IT’s software catalog and discover online productivity tools available to empower your academic career.

Get to work

get-acquaintedFind places to study, explore mobile apps for UW resources, check out technology workshops, borrow equipment, learn about campus events and more.

Essential sites

  • MyUW is the front portal of University of Washington for anybody with a UW NetID. Access the web resources you need to fulfill your goals at the university.
    • Need to update your MyUW contact info? Visit the Registrar’s web site and look for the links under How to Submit an Address Change.
  • MyPlan helps you create a plan for next quarter, next year, or all the way to graduation and audit your progress to explore academic programs and discover which courses you may need to complete your degree.
  • DawgPath is a web application that can help you manage your course load, discover interesting courses and majors, and connect with your adviser. Additionally, the tool helps you determine how competitive you are for a capacity-constrained major and helps you better navigate their path to a degree once you declare a major.
  • Mobile UW brings the mobile apps for a wide range of UW services to your fingertips.
  • The UW Event Calendar shows listings for events, performances, lectures, exhibits and more on all three campuses.
  • Notify.UW sends notifications about course availability. On Notify.UW, you can subscribe to courses you are interested in and choose to be notified via email and/or SMS text message when a seat opens up.

Learning tools

  • Canvas is the official learning management system of the UW, used in many UW courses.
  • Panopto is the UW-IT supported lecture capture solution, allowing for easy recording and viewing of videos from courses, lectures and presentations.
  • Poll Everywhere brings interactive learning to UW classes, and is the official audience response system of the UW.
  • The Student Technology Loan Program allows you to borrow laptops, tablets, audiovisual tools and accessories. Scout can also help you find the technology tools and resources you need.
  • Get help using many learning technologies: check out UW-IT’s online documentation.

Study spaces

Many technology spaces are available for your use—from learning commons to computer labs, classrooms to technology pods. Scout can help you find the perfect study space, campus food, and tech tools.

Technology training

Never used a piece of technology before, or need some help getting up to speed on the latest tools? Technology training is available to help you develop your information technology skills.

Delve deeper in your studies

Technology tools and services from UW-IT can help you in your area of focus. From creating a website to publish your work to leveraging the power of research computing tools available to students, technology from UW-IT can empower you to advance your academic endeavours. Explore this site, IT Connect, to learn what UW-IT has to offer.


Contact UW-IT

Send your questions and comments about UW-IT services  to our contacts below. UW-IT monitors its email and phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 206-221-5000 (also for emergencies)
  • Submit a question using a Web form: Send a question to UW-IT
  • Self-help information on the Web: IT Connect
  • Check the status of your existing requests at My Requests