GradePage Data Retention Policy

Last updated: November 5, 2019


Examples of items that can be created and/or stored. GradePage enables online submission of final course grades to the university system of record. GradePage maintains receipts of the grades that were submitted by an instructor of record or grading delegate. Since grades can be changed after submission only through the office of the registrar, GradePage is not the official system of record for student grades.
What happens if an item is manually deleted by a user? Once submitted, grades cannot be modified or deleted through GradePage. Instructors must contact the office the registrar to modify grades.
Does anything ever get automatically deleted? Receipts of grades submitted through GradePage are deleted 5 years after the end of the quarter that they are submitted.
What happens to a user’s data if they are no longer authorized to use GradePage? Receipts of grades submitted through GradePage are maintained for 5 years regardless of the instructors status at the university.