Table of Contents

Last updated: November 10, 2014

A table of contents is a tool that helps users navigate a document. Most table of contents are organized under headings that identify topics in the document. By default, Word has four levels of headings in its gallery, but more can be added as needed.

Creating a Table of Contents

Word will automatically create a table of contents page if a document is designed using Heading and Paragraph styles (see the Styles section). Once you have created a document using the styles feature, follow these steps to insert a table of contents:

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  2. Click your document where you want the table of contents to be located (usually at the beginning of a document).
  3. Click the References tab.
  4. Click the Table of Contents button. A window will open, showing the available styles.
  5. Click the style you want for your table of contents.

Updating a Table of Contents

To edit your table of contents, you don’t need to physically change anything in the table of contents itself. Simply, make the changes in the actual document and then click the Update Table button on the References tab.

To edit the display style of your table of contents:

  1. StepsActions
  2. Click the Reference tab.
  3. Click the Table of Contents button.
  4. Click Insert Table of Contents.
  5. Click Modify. The Style dialog box will open. From here you can modify the style of your table of contents.
  6. When you have made your selections, click OK on the open dialog boxes.