Canvas Commons

Last updated: August 15, 2022

What is Canvas Commons?

Commons is a learning object repository that instructors can use to find, import, and share courses or learning activities (such as quizzes, presentations, images, videos, documents or files) to create course content for online learning. Commons allows Canvas users to share learning resources with other users and import learning resources into a Canvas course. Content can be shared with oneself (as a private archive), a group, all of UW, or publicly with all users of Canvas Commons.

To help you get started using Canvas Commons, UW-IT and campus partners have contributed resources to Commons, including:

  • Content that will help instructors build their Canvas courses, such as the UW Canvas Course Template
  • Content that will help students use Canvas more effectively, such as a video that shows them how to manage Canvas assignments.
  • Resources that instructors can add to their syllabi and technology resources to support instructors and students.

Canvas Commons help from UW

How to share resources to Canvas Commons

How to download and use resources from Canvas Commons

Content license guidelines

Canvas Commons help from Instructure

Guide for Canvas Commons