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Last updated: June 6, 2024
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Panopto is the UW-IT supported lecture capture solution. Panopto allows for easy recording and reviewing of videos from courses, lectures, and presentations. As a cloud-enabled service, Panopto is designed to simplify the lecture capture process. Recordings in Panopto are viewable on most Web browsers and mobile devices.

There is no service fee for eligible users. Review policies (FERPA Considerations) for using Panopto at the UW.

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UW Learning Technologies multimedia consultants are available to help faculty and staff effectively use video as a tool for teaching and learning. To set up a consulting session, email with ‘Learning Technologies Consult Appointment Request’ in the subject line and a brief description of your goals.

Upgrades, Known Issues, System Status, and Updates:

  • June 2024: In the last week, video playback statistics for the minutes delivered were not recorded if the browser tab loses focus of the window containing the viewer [user switches tabs or rearranges windows in a way that hides the browser window containing the viewer]. Even if the viewer is only hidden for a brief period of time, playback statistics will no longer be recorded for that user’s view of the video unless the video is refreshed by reloading the page.

    Note: A view will still be recorded in this scenario but the playback minutes are not. Panopto is planning to fix this on June 7th.

  • Panopto requires creators to upgrade Mac and Windows recorders by the third Thursday of each July. At the minimum, you will need to be on the version that was current as of March 31st.
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  • Third-party cookies need to be enabled.
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