New Quizzes in Canvas

Last updated: August 15, 2022

As you may have heard, Canvas has been building New Quizzes, a “quizzing engine” that integrates with the Canvas learning platform. Eventually, New Quizzes will replace the Classic Quizzes feature. The UW Canvas team has been following the development of New Quizzes closely, and while not all important features are available, some instructors will find value and have a positive experience with New Quizzes. The good news — the most needed features and enhancements are either in development or planned for the near term.

New Quizzes is currently a course-level feature option; instructors are free to turn on this feature at their discretion.

UW-IT continues to plan communications and support for an eventual transition to New Quizzes.

Benefits of New Quizzes

  • Student accommodations that apply across all quizzes in the course
  • Additional question types such as ordering, formula, and stimulus
  • Better performance and stability for large courses
  • Print quizzes
  • Duplicate quizzes
  • Improved delivery settings, such as shuffling answer order, but locking certain options (e.g. “none of the above”)
  • Partial points for multiple answer, matching, and fill-in-the-blank question types
  • Grade one question at a time view

Limitations of New Quizzes

Please review these limitations carefully before using New Quizzes to determine if they will be an issue for you.

  • Only migrate Classic Quizzes one at a time (no bulk or bank migration yet)
  • New Quizzes uses the previous rich content editor; creating and editing content reverts to the old UI, and embedded audio/video and equation editing have limitations
  • Partial points not available for all question types
  • Course post policy does not automatically restrict students from viewing quiz results; set visibility separately in each quiz itself
  • No export or download of quiz statistics
  • Analysis report availability delayed up to 24 hours
  • Users need to familiarize themselves with item banks, as they work a bit differently than classic question banks

Support and resources

To enable New Quizzes

  1. Go to the course Settings page and select the Feature Options tab.
  2. In the row for New Quizzes, click the red X icon, and from the menu, select Enabled.
  3. In the course navigation, click Quizzes.
  4. Click +Quiz. The pop-up modal will give you the option of creating a classic or new quiz.
    You can also migrate classic quizzes to New Quizzes.