Assessment of campus technology needs

Last updated: September 14, 2022
Audience: StaffResearchersDecision Makers

Three needs assessment projects are planned for the 2022-23 academic year. These include:

Identify IT needs of UW qualitative/digital humanities researchers

Feedback from the UW-IT Survey on Researchers’ IT Needs suggested that survey questions did not adequately capture the unmet IT needs of qualitative researchers or those doing research in Digital Humanities. A collaboration between UW-IT and the eScience Institute, this project aims to take a deeper dive into the needs of these researchers and better understand where there are gaps in services and support.

Investigate current use of Google and Microsoft collaborative tools

The centrally supported Google and Microsoft suites offer a number of tools for collaboration. The aim of this project is to assess users’ awareness and use of these tools, and to identify any unmet needs.

Explore IT-enabled solution to meet student needs for finding community/connection

Even before the pandemic, students at UW struggled to find “their people” at such a large institution. With the isolation many students experienced during remote instruction and the current transition to a hybrid environment for living and learning, there is an even greater need to support student success and wellbeing through positive social connections. This project aims to identify an IT-enabled solution to facilitate student friendships online and in person.