Online Tutorials

Last updated: August 15, 2022

Please note: the information linked on this page is out-of-date.  Many of the tools mentioned may have newer versions available. In some cases,  links to external sites may not work.  We are working on updating these pages and appreciate your patience and understanding.

UW’s Learning Technologies offers free technology workshops that can quickly help you to master the tools you want to use. For many of these subjects, materials are available as online tutorials you can use any time.

Graphics and Design

  • Adobe Photoshop – A raster-based image editor that can be used for photo editing and manipulation as well as pixel-based drawing and painting.
  • Adobe Illustrator – An industry-standard, vector-based design tool that is used for creating everything from logos to interface mockups.
  • Adobe Indesign – The predominant solution to print and digital layout needs.

Digital Video

  • Digital Video Overview – Planning and working with digital video projects at the University of Washington
  • Apple iMovie Tutorials – Apple provides strong support for anyone looking to learn how to create videos in iMovie, Apple’s basic bundled video editing software.
  • Final Cut Pro X – The latest version of Apple’s professional video editing software, with tutorials from Apple and from others, including professionals in the field.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro – An excellent alternative to Apple’s tools, and Adobe’s support for its video editing and creation software, along with external tutorials, can help you get the skills you need to create an excellent video.
  • Adobe After Effects – Want to add a variety of effects to your videos? Adobe After Effects enables advanced motion graphics, effects and composting for your digital video project. Visit these tutorials to get started.

Digital Audio

  • Introduction to Digital Audio – Learn the basics behind reserving and using the Odegaard Library Sound Studio and the fundamentals of digital audio.
  • Audacity – A powerful and free open source digital audio recording solution. Learn basic recording and editing techniques with this tutorial.
  • Propellerhead Reason – One of the most comprehensive digital music composition programs available. Get a basic sequence started, learn devices, from drum machines to analog synthesizer modules.
  • Apple Garageband – The solid amateur system. Record music, mix pre-recorded music, and create podcasts.

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