About online exam proctoring with Proctorio

Last updated: August 15, 2022

Your instructor can choose to use Proctorio, an online exam proctoring service, for exams administered as a quiz in your Canvas course.

What is proctoring

In-class exams are typically observed, or proctored, by your instructor or teaching assistants to ensure academic integrity. For online exams, software can monitor your computer’s desktop and webcam video; the data recorded can later be reviewed by your instructor.

How does Proctorio work?

Proctorio requires you to use the Chrome web browser, and install an extension in order to access the remotely proctored quiz. Proctorio only runs within the browser, and starts when you open the quiz in Canvas. It records during the quiz and deactivates when the quiz is submitted.

What are some ways in which the UW addresses student privacy?

The UW Values and Privacy Principles reflect the importance of student privacy at the UW. When the UW explores new software and contracts with vendors, it does so with care and a regard for personal data protection. Accordingly, the UW has entered into a contract that addresses how Proctorio, as a UW vendor, can process students’ personal data.

Further, resources have been developed for instructors to promote transparency about and best practices for the use of Proctorio in UW courses.

What personal data is captured by Proctorio?

The personal data captured by Proctorio depends on the features your instructor enables when they set up a quiz for remote proctoring. This may include, but is not limited to, video and audio from your webcam, a screen capture of your desktop image, web browsing activity, and keyboard and mouse activity. Data is only captured while you are taking the quiz via the browser extension. You can uninstall the browser extension after completing your quiz.

How is my personal data protected?

Proctorio indicates that it uses double-encryption, zero-knowledge technology to encrypt personal data during transfer and in storage. This means that Proctorio does not have access to the unencrypted recordings which contain your personal data. Recordings that contain personal data are not unencrypted until they are unlocked by an authorized user, such as your instructor. See Proctorio’s statement on personal data protections.

What can I do to further protect my own privacy and the privacy of others?

If possible, implement the best practices described below for protecting your own privacy and the privacy of others.

  • If your instructor enables video recording:
    • Find a low-traffic area with a neutral background that does not include any identifying or sensitive information about yourself or others
    • Inform others with whom you live or share a space with that their likeness, movements, etc. may be visible and recorded if they pass by or are located near your webcam.
  • If your instructor enables audio recording:
    • Find a quiet area that other individuals can avoid during your exam
    • Inform others with whom you live or share a space with that their voices may be heard and recorded if they pass by or are located near your device’s microphone.

Who can access the recording of my quiz?

The recordings and analysis are only accessed through the Canvas course. Access is restricted to those authorized to access student data, such as your instructor or teaching assistant.

What about accessibility?

Proctorio is VPAT certified and section 508 compliant, and provides a high visibility mode and a built-in screen-reader. Proctorio also works with other recommended screen readers. Students requiring accommodations should contact Disability Resources for Students.

Who determines whether cheating occurred?

Instructors can review the recording, and if academic dishonesty is suspected, pursue a complaint with student conduct through regular channels, just as they would for academic integrity concerns.

Can I opt out of online proctoring for my quiz?

If you have concerns about using the proctoring tool, please contact your instructor and see if an alternative accommodation is available.

Why do we need online exam proctoring?

Students and faculty all have an interest in ensuring that assessments are fair, evaluated impartially, and in accordance with the student conduct code. In remote learning, online exam proctoring provides some control of the testing environment that is typically done in person during an in-class exam.

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