About files in Canvas

Last updated: December 1, 2021

Canvas provides three separate types of file storage, each with 1000 MB of capacity. Depending on how you intended to use the files, you can choose to store files in personal file storage, course file storage, or group file storage.

Personal file storage — This storage is just for you and is not tied to any of your courses. It’s a good place to store files that you use in multiple classes. Rather than having to upload a copy to each course, you can drag and drop from one class directory to another. To utilize the personal file storage, in the upper right-hand corner of Canvas, click your name in the purple bar, and then, in the left-hand navigation, click Files.  Click on “see files for all your courses/groups” at the bottom right, and expand the folder you want to add or move files from.  You can then drag the file (by clicking on the icon on the left side of the file name) into a folder on the left to copy it.

Course file storage — This is where you can store all of the documents related to your course. If you want to hide the Files tab from the course navigation, and still give students access to files and folders, you will need to create links to the files somewhere in the course where students do have access. (This is referred to as a “deep link.”) To access the File section of a course, in the left-hand navigation, click Files. To restrict access to files, you can lock individual files or folders.

Group file storage — Any group that you create is provided its own space within the course with Canvas communication tools and a Files page. Group members can use group file storage to share information separate from course content. Only members of the group, instructors, and TAs can access files stored in the Group File area.

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