Digital Video Workshops

Last updated: October 10, 2023

Making video from short clips to full length movies is easier and faster than ever before, and channels like Vimeo, YouTube, and HitRecord have made it increasingly easy for amateur or solo video makers to gain exposure and even earn money. Whether your video is for a course assignment, your own entertainment, or your online channel, or all three, the Odegaard Learning Commons and the Mary Gates Hall Teaching Lab have the tools you need to create excellent videos. These tutorials, and our workshops, provide support for anyone at UW looking to create video in our labs or elsewhere.

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie, an easy to use video-editing application, can help you develop the skills necessary to master professional software packages. With iMovie, you can import video from your camera or from other files for creating presentations, short films, or video podcasts. Because of Apple’s strong basic support for this, we do not provide internal online curriculum, but link to Apple’s tutorials, so we can focus on providing support for less-supported tasks.

Apple’s Online Tutorials

Final Cut Pro X

Apple Final Cut Pro is the professional standard video-editing software for independent and student filmmaking. Its simple features can be used in extremely powerful ways. Because of Apple’s strong support for Final Cut, along with other excellent external tutorials; we bring together several recommended tutorials for your information.

Apple’s Online Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere is the quintessential video-editing tool for the PC or Mac user working toward a professional video product. It is easy to learn, and versatile. We don’t directly provide curriculum for Adobe Premiere Pro, but instead have combed through the large number of tutorials available from Adobe and Creative COW to recommend the best and most useful basic tutorials for you.

Adobe Support: How to create a video story with Premiere Pro

Adobe TV: Learn Premiere Pro

Creative COW: Adobe Premiere Pro basics

Creative COW: Adobe Premiere Pro 

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a highly regarded tool for post-production and motion picture effects. As with many of our other tools, instead of spending our time to recreate existing tutorials, we have combed through the tutorials available free online and have selected several we think will be most helpful to you.

Adobe Support: How to add effects, motion graphics in After Effects

Adobe TV: Learn After Effects