Staff Quick-Start Guide

Last updated: May 3, 2024
Audience: Staff

UW Information Technology (UW-IT) provides computing and information technology services to increase productivity, facilitate collaboration and support your work. Use this guide to find technology resources available to you, and check with your local IT department for their technology recommendations and guidelines.

Get connected & communicate

Set up your email and voicemail, connect to resources on the UW network, set up your UW NetID and two-factor authentication (2FA), learn about managed workstations, and conferencing options.

UW NetID and 2FA

  • Your personal UW NetID and password provide access to many UW online services, including MyUW and UW Email. Your UW NetID verifies who you are, ensures the privacy of your personal information, and restricts the use of UW resources to authorized users.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds a layer of security when you sign in with your UW NetID. With 2FA, first you enter your password, then use a 2FA device to prove it’s really you. 2FA is required to sign in with your UW NetID on the web.

Connect to UW networks

  • Wireless internet access is available throughout most buildings on campus and some outdoor areas around campus.
  • Connect to eduroam, UW-IT’s recommended Wi-Fi network that offers more security than the unencrypted University of Washington Wi-Fi network. Eduroam provides access to the internet at the UW and at any eduroam-enabled institution in the United States and around the world.

Set up your email and reduce junk mail

You have two basic options for email—UW Gmail or UW Exchange Online. Check with your team to see if they recommend one over the other for work. Also consider if you need an email account that is both FERPA and HIPAA compliant: Which email service should you use?.

Learn more about what the UW does to reduce spam and what you can do to help.

Set up your phone and voicemail

  • Learn how to use your phone and the features available on various models of phones available on campus phones or order a new phone from UW-IT.
  • Set up your voicemail and learn how to access your messages from anywhere you have access to a telephone.

Video and audio conferencing

You have a variety of options for video and audio conferencing. Find the conferencing option that works best for your needs.

Set up your workstation

Configure your workstation, download software and productivity tools to help your work, and learn how to get support for your computer.

Get software

Acquire software and hardware for your studies, work and research at reduced or no cost to you.

Managed workstations

Your workspace may use centrally managed workstations offered through UW-IT. Review information about working with managed workstations.

Productivity & collaboration tools

Collaborate with your coworkers and peers, and find tools that can increase your productivity, efficiency, and help you stay organized.

  • UW Google offers UW students, faculty and staff numerous apps; UW Gmail for email and calendaring, Drive for document storage, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for collaboration, and Sites for web publishing. UW Google is similar to Google’s consumer apps, but free of advertising and with greater privacy protection.
  • UW Office 365 offers UW students, faculty and staff a collection of online email, productivity, and collaboration services; Exchange Online and Outlook Web App for email, Office Online for productivity, including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and OneNote. OneDrive for Business provides ample cloud storage, and Microsoft Teams for communication.

Working remotely

Get your work done from home, on the road, or wherever works for you. Access university data from off campus, and prepare for business disruptions.

  • Connect to resources on the UW network using Husky OnNet, which provides individual users with a secure temporary connection to the UW network from remote locations. If you access UW resources from off campus through a remote desktop or network file-sharing application, you will be required to first use a UW or UW Medicine secure virtual private network (VPN) service, such as Husky OnNet. Use the Networks Portal tool to see if you are on a UW network
  • If you use a managed workstation, you can remotely access your email and calendar, connect remotely to your managed workstation, and connect to services on the UW Network with the managed workstation VPN service. Read more about connecting remotely to managed workstations.
  • Store important documentations in the cloud, or on a file service you can access from remote locations. The UW offers several options, including UW Google Drive, UW OneDrive for Business, and the U Drive.

Practice safe computing

Protect your computer, identity and privacy. Download free antivirus software, and learn how to protect yourself on the web.

Technology services and support

Discover the many services and technologies offered by UW-IT to the UW community, and learn how to get help with your technology needs.

Service Catalog

Data and analytics

When having the right data counts, take advantage of resources available through UW-IT. Leverage information from the UW to aid your work or research.

Data from around the University is combined in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), the University’s major repository of institutional data. From this data, reports and analytics are created to uncover trends and patterns to support informed business decisions.

We offer a selection of data products and services that are geared toward helping you achieve more with analytics.

Technology support & computer care

  • Technology support is available in several forms around campus, including by phone, email, or in person.
  • The Computer Vet provides assistance with installing software, operating system updates and running anti-virus and anti-malware products.
  • You can find many self-help solutions on this site, IT Connect.

Workday at the UW

Workday is the centralized, cloud-based software program the UW uses to manage human resources, time-tracking, payroll, and benefits processes across the UW.

Emergency preparedness

Be prepared for the unexpected and during large-scale disruptions to campus operations. Be informed about events on campus via text message and email

Technology training and events

Learn new skills and expand your areas of expertise. Attend training workshops, or learn at your own pace with online tutorials. Attend communities of practice to connect with your peers.

Accessible IT

People using UW services and websites have a wide range of abilities and use many different technologies. The UW offers many options for accessible information technology.

Research Computing

Accelerate your research. UW-IT collaborates with partners across the UW to support world-class research with up-to-date tools and resources capable of handling your research needs.

  • Explore the research computing resources available and take advantage of one-on-one consultation and expert computing advice.
  • Find out about Hyak, the UW’s on-site supercomputer, and cloud computing solutions.