Create a Panopto user group

Last updated: January 26, 2023

User groups allow recording creators to share folders and videos quickly with groups of users. You can create a group of UW users, such as faculty colleagues, to add to one of your folders. This group will be saved, so you can also add them to other folders in the future. Note: Group members need to have permissions to access Canvas.

To create a group, follow these steps:

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  2. Log in to Panopto
  3. Go to System -> User Groups .
    User-added image
  4. Click New 
    User-added image
  5. Complete the following information:
    • Name: Type a name for your group.
    • Provider: Select Internal Group from the drop-down.
    • Allow anyone at your organization to find and use this: This setting is enabled by default. If checked, other users will be able to find the User Group when clicking on System -> User Groups. They will also have access to open this group and view the membership list, add more users to the group, and grant the group access to folders and videos (only if they have Creator access.)
      User-added image
  6. Click Create Group