IT Systems Infrastructure

Last updated: May 1, 2023
  • Audiovisual Systems Integration
    A service that helps UW departments and administrative units plan, acquire, and implement audiovisual systems.
  • Email Infrastructure
    Tools and services for sending email, such as the UW SMTP servers
  • Microsoft Infrastructure
    A set of capabilities, tools and services available to enable Microsoft technologies.
  • Unix (Linux) Managed Servers
    UW-IT managed Linux servers allow departments to access to a secure and stable environment to run their applications.
  • UW-IT Design Guide
    A set of documents that guides the design, construction, and maintenance of University technology systems.
  • UWFT Technical
    The UWFT Technology (FTT) team leads the technology work for the UW Finance Transformation program
  • Windows Managed Server
    Deploy well-managed Windows servers