Create a recording using Panopto Capture

Last updated: January 18, 2023

Panopto Capture allows you to record audio, video, screens, and applications directly on your browser instead of using the Mac or Windows application.  To use Panopto Capture, you must have the latest version of Chrome, Edge (Chromium-based), Firefox, or Safari browsers.

Note: Make sure anti-virus exceptions are made for audio (microphone), video (web camera), and screen in your preferred browser.

Resources from Panopto

Learn the basics

Learn about optional functionality

Recommendations and warnings

  • Take care when changing the video quality options. Your computer may not support the higher quality versions. Panopto does not warn you if you select a quality that your computer doesn’t support. When in doubt, don’t change the setting.
  • Sharing the recording from Capture may take several minutes. If you try to share a recording with someone who does not have access to Panopto, a dark red background will eventually display, and you will not be able to send the recording to that person.
  • Backgrounds are not yet working optimally. For the time being, UW-IT recommends not using Capture backgrounds.