Last updated: April 29, 2014

Formula Syntax

Here is the syntax for referencing cells




You can also leave out parts of the syntax if you are currently working on the location you are referencing, for example, you don’t need to include the file name if you are currently working on the file.  That reference would look like this:


Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can save time and the effort of switching from the keyboard to the mouse to execute simple commands. We recommend that you print this list of Excel keyboard shortcuts and keep it by your computer for a quick reference.

Note: A plus sign indicates that the keys need to be pressed at the same time.

Action Keyboard Shortcut


Document actions
Open a file <Ctl> + <O>
New file <Ctrl> + <N>
Save As <F12>
Save <Ctrl> + <S>
Print <Ctrl> + <P>
Find <Ctrl> + <F>
Replace <Ctrl> + <H>
Go to <F5>


Cursor Movement
One cell up Up Arrow
One cell down Down Arrow
One cell right <Tab>
One cell left <Shift> + <Tab>
Top of worksheet (cell A1) <Ctrl> + <Home>
End of worksheet
(last cell with data)
<Ctrl> + <End>
End of row <Home>
End of column <Ctrl> + Left Arrow
Move to next worksheet <Ctrl> <Page Down>


Apply AutoSum <Alt> + <=>
Current date <Ctrl> + <;>
Current time <Ctrl> + <:>
Spelling <F7>
Help <F1>
Macros <Alt> + <F8>
Action Keyboard Shortcut


Selecting Cells
All cells left of current cell <Shift> + Left Arrow
All cells right of current cell <Shift> + Right Arrow
Entire column <Ctrl> + Spacebar
Entire row <Shift>Spacebar
Entire worksheet <Ctrl> + <A>


Text Style
Bold <Ctrl> + <B>
Italics <Ctrl> + <I>
Underline <Ctrl> + <U>
Strikethrough <Ctrl> + <5>


Edit active cell <F2>
Format as currency with 2 decimal places <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <$>
Format as percent with no decimal places <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <%>
Cut <Ctrl> + <X>
Copy <Ctrl> + <C>
Paste <Ctrl> + <V>
Undo <Ctrl> + <U>
Redo <Ctrl> + <Y>
Format cells dialog box <Ctrl> + <1>