Download recordings

Last updated: August 15, 2022

Panopto offers two ways to download recordings, and creators control the settings for both of them. By default, all downloads are now turned off.

  • One download mode allows viewers to download individual recordings through Canvas or Panopto. Creators may specify who, if anyone, can download recordings. See the first procedure below to learn how to turn on downloads.
  • The other mode is available through the RSS/podcast subscription. Once someone subscribes, each new lecture automatically downloads when iTunes syncs. The RSS link can be shared by students with others who are not enrolled in your course. See the second procedure below to learn how to turn on RSS feeds and podcast downloads.

Turn on downloads

You may specify who, if anyone, can download all the recordings in a folder or individual recordings. See Panopto’s instructions on how to enable downloads in a folder and how to enable downloads on a recording.

Turn on RSS feeds and podcast downloads

To allow enrolled students (and others who have the RSS feed link) to download podcasts of your recordings:

  1. Open your folder in Panopto. In the upper right corner, select the gear icon.
    Panopto folder gear icon
  2. Click Settings and then select the Enable Podcast Feed check box.
    Enable podcast feed setting in Panopto

    The RSS feed and podcasts are now available. However, note that it sometimes takes a few minutes for the setting changes to appear in Panopto.
    For viewers, the RSS icon appears in the folder in Canvas and Panopto. Viewers may subscribe to video podcast recordings or the audio-only podcast recordings.
    RSS feed iconNote: The Enable Podcast feed setting is not available in “My Folder”, but it is available in subfolders of My Folder.