Options for sharing resources in Canvas Commons

Last updated: May 11, 2021

When sharing a resource to Commons, you will need to choose who you want to share your resource with. Four sharing options are available: share to all Canvas Commons users, share to all of the University of Washington, share to a group, or share to yourself—making a resource private and visible only to you.

Whether sharing with all Commons users or a restricted group we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Instructure’s content license guidelines so that you share resources the way you want.

Share to all of Canvas Commons

This option shares your resource to any user of Canvas Commons, including those at other institutions.

Share with the UW

To share your resource with all groups at the UW, select the All of University of Washington check box. The resource will be shared to all groups within the UW (including groups you may not belong to).

Share with groups

You can share your resources with a restricted group, for example a department or specialized interest group. Groups that you belong to will be visible to you. To create a new group, contact help@uw.edu. You will be authorized as a group manager, which will allow you to change a group’s name, add or remove group members, make other members group managers, and edit or delete resources shared to the group.

Share with yourself

To share a resource with yourself, do not select any of the options under “who can use this resource?” The resource will be shared to Commons, but will be visible only to you, and available for you to import and reuse in the future.

Sharing resources and learning activities to Commons in this manner is a convenient way to archive course content for easy reuse. However, you must be careful not to violate data retention policies, which govern how long course materials can be retained, when sharing content to Commons for this purpose.  

We recommend sharing learning activities and files in “chunks” that are useful for reuse, such as a module on a specific topic, or separate assignments. If sharing a whole course, be sure to remove documents with specific dates, such as a syllabus with course schedule.