Resources for Using Canvas with SimCheck

Last updated: March 23, 2023
Audience: Instructors

If you are using Canvas only to have students submit their work to SimCheck, these documents explain how to set up the assignment. One recommendation is to simplify the Canvas course navigation to make it easy for your students to find what they need. Instructions for doing so can be found further down in this document.

Canvas-SimCheck QuickStart Guide

Brand New to Canvas?

If you’re brand new to Canvas, you can find info on getting started here or you can register for a Canvas workshop here.

Using SimCheck with Canvas Assignments

If you are using Canvas for the first time, the following resources will show you how to set up an assignment in Canvas and correctly set SimCheck options.

Simplify the Canvas Course Navigation

If you will be using the Canvas course only for students to submit assignments for review by SimCheck, you may want to edit the course navigation so that students can easily find their way

Change the Canvas Course Home Page

One way to make things clear for your students is to make the Assignments List your course Home Page.

Publish Your Canvas Course

Canvas courses and assignments are unavailable to students until published.

Publish your course.