IT across the UW

Last updated: January 23, 2024
Audience: All UW

IT services and support network across the UW

Many players make up information technology at the UW. The information technology (IT) that powers the teaching, learning, research and work experience is large and complex at the University of Washington. IT is managed by a combination of a central UW Information Technology (UW-IT) unit, UW Medicine IT Services, and distributed IT that reside in the central IT units for UW Bothell and UW Tacoma and within some colleges, schools, departments and other administrative or individual units.

Together, IT at UW supports approximately 40,600 faculty and staff and 60,000 students and many more individuals beyond our campuses.

UW Information Technology

UW Information Technology (UW-IT) is the central information technology department for the UW. UW-IT provides critical technology support to all three campuses, UW medical centers and global research operations. UW-IT accounts for around 32 percent of the total IT at the University of Washington.

In addition, UW-IT partners with the Pacific Northwest Gigapop, the K-20 Education Network and Pacific Wave to deliver critical technology infrastructure across the University of Washington’s three campuses and across the state of Washington and beyond.

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UW Bothell and UW Tacoma IT and other distributed IT

UW Bothell and UW Tacoma each have their own central IT units that maintain Information Technology for their campus’ students, faculty and staff. Also, some departments, units, and schools throughout UW may have their own information technology staff to provide local services and support.. This distributed IT makes up approximately 43 percent of the IT at the UW. Learn more about UW Bothell IT, UW Tacoma IT and other distributed IT.

Many directors in the Distributed IT community meet monthly in the Computing Directors Group, which also has representatives from UW-IT. The distributed IT community also are active on the TechSupport listserv and participate in UW TechConnect activities, including its Communities of Practice. Representatives for distributed IT also participate in the IT Service Management Board.

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UW Medicine IT Services

An additional 25 percent of IT lies in UW Medicine IT Services, which is a central IT unit that maintains information technology services and support for UW Medicine employees. Learn more about UW Medicine ITS (UW Medicine sign-in credentials required to access site).