Computing services access for part-time lecturers and quarterly instructors

Last updated: October 19, 2023
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How is access to services granted for employees?

Computing services for employees, including part-time lecturers or quarterly instructors, are associated with an individual’s UW NetID account. Computing services, such as access to email or the Canvas LMS, are granted automatically when a start date is present in Workday, and removed when an employee separates from the University. Learn more about access to computing services.

Can individuals gain access before their official start date or after they separate from the University?

Yes. Should these individuals need or benefit from access before and/or after these milestones, some computing services can be granted (or provisioned) manually to their UW NetID account using a tool known as the Provisioning Request Tool (see steps below). Computing services are granted for one year and must be renewed by the provisioner annually. Computing services can also be revoked manually. Email reminders about upcoming annual expiration of computing services that you have granted are sent to the provisioner.

Note: Only Zoom Basic Accounts can be provisioned to individuals without current employee or student affiliations. Learn more about Zoom accounts.

Provide early access to computing services

While access to computing services is granted by automatic processes, there are circumstances in which part-time lecturers or quarterly instructors need computing services to be granted manually. For example, they might need extra time to develop or revise course materials well before the quarter begins, or need access granted if there is a delay in completing the administrative processes of hiring.

To provide early access to a part-time lecturer, follow these steps:

  1. Check for an existing UW NetID account.

    If the individual already has a UW NetID account, but they are not a current employee, you can use this account for both the hire business process in Workday and for assigning computing services for early access.

    Note: The Hire-Academic Personnel guide suggests using the Hire Wizard to determine if the PTL has prior UW affiliations or records. The Hire Wizard checks for existing UW NetID accounts and helps to reduce duplicate person records in university systems. The hiring wizard does not check for sponsored UW NetIDs. Please ask the prospective PTL if they already have a sponsored UW NetID. Learn more about the Hire Wizard.

  2. If needed, sponsor a UW NetID account.

    If the individual does not have a UW NetID account yet, you can sponsor a UW NetID account for them. Be sure to use the sponsored UW NetID account for the hiring process in Workday.

    Note: The PTL must accept their UW NetID invitation for the account to be active and available to have computing services granted through the Provisioning Request Tool.

  3. Assign computing services using the Provisioning Request Tool.

    You can assign access to Canvas and Panopto (combined), UW Google, UW Office 365, HuskyOnNet, and a UW Zoom Basic account. For more information, see “How do I assign computing services?

  4. If needed, add part-time lecturer or quarterly instructor to the Canvas course.

    If they are listed in the time schedule, the PTL will be automatically added to the Canvas course with their UW NetID account. Before that time, your departmental Canvas admin or another teacher in the Canvas course can manually add them to the course using their UW NetID.

Extend access to computing services

After the quarter ends part-time lecturers or quarterly instructors might need continuing access to Canvas or email, for example, to complete grading or supervise students with incompletes. If computing services were initially assigned to an individual’s UW NetID account using the Provisioning Request Tool, they will have a year of access to these computing services. If they gained access through automatic processes, they will lose computing services about two weeks after separation. A UW employee can extend access for part-time lecturers or quarterly instructors by assigning computing services during or at the end of their employment.

How can part-time lecturers (PTLs) avoid creating multiple UW NetIDs?

As a part-time lecturer, you can end up with duplicate UW NetID accounts — a sponsored UW NetID set up to provide you with early access, and an employee UW NetID created through the standard hiring processes. To avoid duplicate UW NetID accounts:

  • Provide the hiring department with your sponsored UW NetID account and ask them to use it in the hire process in Workday.
  • When prompted by the hiring process, choose “I already have a UW NetID” and use the wizard to find and link your existing UW NetID account to your employee ID. If you are not able to find your existing UW NetID using the wizard, or do not know your employee ID, you can call the UW-IT (University of Washington Information Technology) Service Center for assistance at 206-221-5000.