UW Poll Everywhere Updates

Last updated: May 22, 2023
Audience: InstructorsIT Staff / Technical

April 19, 2023

New visual settings

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at 5:00 PM PDT, all polls will get new visual settings. To make it easier to use these new settings, you can use a new template poll available the same day in a folder titled “UW Template Poll (Copied from UW Admin on June 14, 2023).” Learn more about how to access and use the template poll

Please note: Custom visual settings may also be affected by this change.

New Canvas integration with Poll Everywhere for improved experience 

Starting Wednesday, June 14, 2023, you’ll have an improved experience with this new Canvas integration (known as an LTI or Learning Tools Interoperability) with Poll Everywhere. The LTI Advantage integration is the newest standard and it supports a greater range of features and an improved user experience. Along with updated security, the new LTI requires fewer clicks to synchronize data between Poll Everywhere and Canvas. As of June 14, you will no longer be able to import participants and export graded polls to Canvas. You will still be able to run Gradebook reports and export CSV files of reports. 

What the new LTI means for faculty and instructional teams

  • Presenters (i.e., faculty, TAs and staff) must use the new LTI to register students as Poll Everywhere participants via Canvas and properly organize them into course groups in Poll Everywhere. 
  • Presenters must pre-register participants to the Poll Everywhere account using the LTI method in order for students to participate in activities.  Presenters must also use the LTI to update course rosters in Poll Everywhere.
  • Presenters can continue to export graded poll scores to Canvas using the current export process, as well as from the Participants page in Poll Everywhere, or by using the new LTI process.
  • UW-IT encourages presenters to perform the current Canvas course list import process one final time on or before June 9, 2023 to ensure their Poll Everywhere rosters are up-to-date.

What the new LTI means for students

  • This change will not affect students.  Students must continue to log in to Poll Everywhere with their UW email address (not a personal email address) to respond to any Poll Everywhere activity.  
  • Students having issues logging in to Poll Everywhere for a class that is using it must contact their instructor(s) and request that they be registered to the UW account via the new LTI registration process.