Access & Authentication

Last updated: January 31, 2024
  • ASTRA access management
    Access management service for authorization of who can use certain UW apps and resources and how.
  • UW NetIDs
    UW’s credential to verify identity online, provide information security and authorize access to UW resources.
  • Password Manager
    Browser-based enterprise password management tool for automating use of more secure passwords.
  • Single sign-on with UW NetID
    Easy to implement and integrates with UW Identity Provider. Makes daily-use system access less burdensome for users.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
    Adds a critical layer of security with UW NetID sign-in, beyond passwords. Your 2FA device helps prove it’s really you.
  • UW Groups
    Memberships that have identifiers for people, computers, and apps for, collaboration, communication and resource sharing.

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The topics below are related to Access & Authentication:

  • Authenticate your users
    Implement authentication properly, which depends on your user community and the technologies used to deliver services.
  • Access Management
    Define and manage access policies to provide their users access