UW LMS Vendor Integration Program

Last updated: December 30, 2019

Canvas supports LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability®), an IMS standard that makes it possible to integrate third-party or vendor tools with your Canvas course, or enhance the course with other Web applications and Internet resources.

The vendors listed below have enrolled in UW-IT’s Vendor Integration Program. This means they have signed agreements with UW that protect the privacy of student data exchanged with the vendor’s systems and provide remedies in the event of any data breach.

To request an integration with Canvas,  please send a request to help@uw.edu.

LTI tools can be used in individual courses but must configured by UW-IT admins at the root account level,  or in the appropriate college or department sub-accounts in Canvas.  Course-level roles, such as teacher or course-designer, do not have permissions to add or edit LTI tools in courses. UW-IT will configure LTI tools at the root level only where a campus-wide contract and data security and privacy agreement are in place.

Since LTI integrations with Canvas can send data, such as student-identifying information and student grade data, to third-party or vendor systems, it is critical to ensure that sharing any data with third-party systems via Canvas is done securely and in accordance with University policies to preserve ownership of the data, safeguard confidentiality and integrity, and protect students’ rights. Working with vendors to complete required agreements can take as long as six months; please plan accordingly, and make your request as far in advance as possible.

Please note that UW-IT cannot provide help desk support for third-party external tools integrated with Canvas. Although we are dedicated to ensuring an optimal experience using the Canvas LMS, the external tools that Canvas makes available are too numerous for us to adequately support. If you or your students experience difficulty using any of these external tools, please use the contact information associated with the particular tool, and advise your students to do the same.