Canvas LMS: Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

Last updated: August 15, 2022

Canvas supports LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability®), an IMS standard that makes it possible to integrate third-party or vendor tools with your Canvas course, or enhance the course with other Web applications and Internet resources.  

Canvas App Center Allow List

The Canvas App Center offers a set of external tools that integrate via LTI which have been reviewed and approved by UW-IT for use in your courses. The App Center makes it easy to add these vetted tools to your course. Learn more about the Canvas App Center.

LMS Vendor Integration Program

Many vendors and publishers provide online learning activities and tools that integrate with Canvas via LTI. The table below provides the list of vendor tools that are already configured and available in Canvas, as well as the status of those tools currently under review. The table lists the tools, vendors, status (deployed, in review, requested), if the tool is available campus-wide or for a specific department, and the pricing model (contract, or student fee). 

If the tool you would like to adopt is listed, the vendor is already enrolled in the vendor integration program.   This means the vendor has worked with UW-IT Academic Services and the UW-IT CISO to undergo a risk assessment, and complete the necessary data security and privacy documents. These tools are already available for use in Canvas where ever external tools can be added, such as in modules or assignments.

If you do not see a vendor in the table below, you can encourage the vendor to enroll in the LMS integration program or make a request that they be added. Learn more about the process for vendor integration.

Learn more about other integration methods: