Copyright & Licensing in Commons

Last updated: May 11, 2021

Instructure offers a range of copyright and license options for you to choose from when adding new content to Canvas Commons. These include the following combinations, which are listed in increasing order of restrictiveness:

  • Copyrighted
  • Public Domain
  • CC – Attribution
  • CC – Attribution ShareAlike
  • CC – Attribution NoDerivs
  • CC – Attribution NonCommercial
  • CC – Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike
  • CC – Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs

*CC = Creative Commons

Instructure provides general information about each of these options, as well as basic guidance about which option may be most appropriate for your content.

More information about each copyright and license combination can also be found via the following links:

For more information about topics such as the assignment of copyright and licensing, visit the UW Copyright Connection’s portal on “Managing Rights.”