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Last updated: September 28, 2023

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Leadership positions with UW-IT

Ready to move the needle by helping lead one of the world’s leading universities to the next level of information technology? Learn about these leadership opportunities at UW Information Technology, and how to apply.

Req# Position Title
226853 Accessibility Developer
222082 Associate Vice President for Information Security and CISO
222084 Business Analyst
226630 Director of Computing  & Storage
226852 Director of Finance & Business Operations
226611 Director of Microsoft Platforms
222874 Director – PMO
221594 Email DLP Administrator
226609 Employee Workday Support Representative
221203 Full Stack Developer
219348 HCM Service Partner – Academic Specialist
222881 HR Specialist
227288 Network Specialist
226610 Program Operations Analyst
223244 Reporting Product Manager
226080 Senior Applications System Engineer
223069 Senior Customer Service Representative
217825 Senior Project Manager
222878 Service Center Supervisor
222877 Sr. Computer Specialist
223548 Shared Environment Engagement Manager
222346 Site Reliability Engineer
224764 Workday Integrations Engineer
227290 Workday Security Manager

Why work in UW-IT

Every day, UW-IT staff help advance teaching, learning and innovation at the UW — backed by the latest technologies, complex communications networks and the expertise to help our UW family do their best work here and across the world. More than 60,000 students and about 40,000 faculty and staff across three campuses, medical centers and global research operations rely on our services. If you believe in mission-driven work, and you yearn for a workplace that values innovation and seeks to ensure the success of those it serves, join us.

Fast Facts

5.2 billion records stored in our enterprise data warehouse, 350,000 unique devices on wireless network, 3 hospital networks operated by UW40,000 faculty and 60,000 students supported by UW-IT employees
4th largest employer in Washington State

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