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Last updated: June 16, 2022

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Ed Discussion is an online discussion platform and communication tool for classes of every size that integrates with Canvas.  In particular, this tool supports questions and answers with peer or instructor endorsement of answers,  offers features for moderation, and templated posts and replies. Users can navigate to an Ed Discussion board from the course navigation in a Canvas course, or log in directly by visiting http://edstem.org.

Posts are formatted with a rich text editor that offers a full-featured equation editor, and also supports code snippets, web snippets, embedded video, and annotated images. Code snippets can be executed directly in the discussion board. Threaded discussion board posts can be searched, categorized, tagged with labels, and filtered. Posts can be private or even anonymous.

Resources for instructors & students

Ed Discussion help guides (might require sign-in to view)
Accessibility information for users

For assistance with setting up Ed Discussion, contact help@uw.edu.

For all other questions, contact support@edstem.org. Students should first contact their instructor with their question.


How do I enable Ed Discussion in my Canvas course? 
Go to your course, click Settings, then Navigation, and then drag Ed Discussion to the visible area. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save. Once enabled, click the Ed Discussion nav item to create your discussion board. If you need help with set up, visit the Getting Started help guide.

Can I merge boards from two Canvas courses?
Yes. Boards for separate Canvas courses can be merged into a single discussion board. To do so, send the board IDs (from the discussion board URL) to the Ed help desk at support@edstem.org.