EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR) Student and Faculty Technology Surveys 2013

Last updated: September 22, 2022

This infographic shows how UW students are using technology to support their academic success. Data are from the 2013 ECAR student technology survey.

ECAR 2013 Infographic (full-size pdf)


About the ECAR Surveys

Since 2009 the UW has participated in the ECAR Undergraduate Student Technology Study, an annual survey that reaches over 100 institutions. The most recent benchmark report, comparing UW to other doctoral institutions, is now available. The infographic above showcases data from the 2013 survey about how UW students are using particular technologies to support their academic success.

The Academic Services unit of UW-IT works with ECAR to administer the surveys at the UW. The ECAR surveys provide a valuable opportunity for the UW community to learn about the types of technology students and faculty use, how they use the technology, and for what purposes. This nationwide survey also gives the UW a chance to see how technology use compares with our peer institutions.