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Leverage up-to-date computing tools and resources provided by UW-IT in collaboration with partners across the University to support world-class research

Research computing

  • Get an overview of research computing at the UW, and learn about the wide array of research computing tools and solutions offered through UW-IT to support world-class research with up-to-date tools and resources capable of handling your research needs.

Cloud computing for research

  • Let UW-IT help you determine how the cloud computing for research can enable, accelerate and expand your research computing capabilities.
  • Does your research belong in the cloud? Use this guide to help you determine if the cloud can meet your research needs.
  • Read how researchers at the UW have found value and success by migrating their work to the cloud with early success stories.
  • Get a primer on cloud computing basics. Learn what cloud computing is, and how it is leveraged in research.
  • If your ready to move to the could, read about how to get started in the process. Get guidance on the best cloud computings solutions and computing tools offered by UW-IT.

High performance computing

High Speed Research Network

  • Learn about UW’s High Speed Research Network and Science DMZ, large-capacity network constructs available to support UW researchers’ exceptional research cyberinfrastructure needs including Big Data transfers.
Last reviewed August 2, 2018