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Poll Creators: Import Students/ Participants

By default, poll-takers must be registered participants to respond to polls. Participants cannot self-register so you will need to import students using Poll Everywhere’s Canvas integration. This procedure takes you through the steps for importing students using Canvas.

Note: Only valid UW email addresses can be used in conjunction with the UW Poll Everywhere account and the Canvas integration. Please make sure that the default email addresses of your students are set to their UW email address in Canvas. Non-UW email addresses and any associated response data will be purged from the UW Poll Everywhere account. To log in, all UW account holders must use the Single Sign-On (SSO) method described below, not a Poll Everywhere password. Communicate to your students, either via email or in class, that they must log in using the SSO login.

  1. To log in, go to and, in the upper-right corner, click Log in.
    Shows Poll Everywhere Sign up/Log in buttons
  2. Enter your full UW email address (your UW NetID + and click Next.
    Email field with mock UW email address shown and the "Next" button
  3. Click Log in with University of Washington

    If asked to, enter your UW NetID credentials.
  4. On the left-side menu, click the Participants button.
  5. Click Add Participants. From the options that appear, select Connect to LMS.
    add participants button    Connect to LMS
  6. In the Connect to LMS window, select Canvas.
    Choose Canvas as the LMS option
  7. Choose one of the options that appears:

    1. If this is your first time making the connection, under Canvas accounts available for your institution, click Login. If asked to, enter your UW NetID credentials.  To complete the connection, click Authorize.
      Authorize in Canvas
      Then proceed to the next step.
    2. If you have already completed the previous step, or this is not your first time making the connection, under Your available Canvas logins click “ [login: <your UW NetID> ] ”.
  8. Once authorized, from the list that appears, select the desired Canvas course or courses.  Use the search field if needed.
    List of Canvas courses in Poll Ev
  9. To complete the process, click Continue. This creates participant accounts for any students who do not yet have an account and assigns all students in the selected Canvas courses to corresponding poll groups. Students who already have accounts will be assigned to the correct participant groups for your account.The process may take a few minutes to complete.

    LMS connection in progress
    Click Got it! to return to the Participants page.The import process automatically creates participant groups, identified by Canvas course, in your Poll Everywhere account (in the right panel of your participants page, If you need to re-import student course rosters or re-sync them, follow the same procedure outlined above. We recommend re-syncing frequently throughout the add/drop period as participant groups do not automatically update when students are added to the Canvas course.


  • Students must be imported through Canvas in order for their scores to be pushed to the Gradebook. 
  • Only valid UW email addresses can be used in conjunction with the Canvas integration.  Students’ default email address in Canvas must be set to their UW email address. Otherwise no grade data for the student will be exported.
  • Poll Everywhere participant accounts and data cannot be merged with another participant account (e.g., a personal account with responses cannot be merged with the student’s UW account). Non-UW email addresses and any associated response data are purged weekly from the UW Poll Everywhere account. Once purged, this information is longer available to users in the UW account. 

If you have issues or questions, contact with Poll Everywhere Course List in the subject line.