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Benefits of recording your lectures
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Panopto is the UW-IT supported lecture capture solution. Use it to easily record and review videos from courses, lectures, and presentations. Recordings in Panopto are viewable on most Web browsers and mobile devices.

Benefits of recording your lectures

Why record your lectures? UW students and instructors surveyed in 2016 and 2017 provided some reasons:

  • Students can review your lecture and slow down the parts they may have missed the first time around. This is especially helpful for ESL students, students with disabilities, and students with different learning styles.
  • If a student does miss class, they can watch the recording rather than waste your time repeating the lecture during office hours.
  • Students can watch your recorded lecture before class meets and use class time to work together or have a discussion.
  • One instructor said, “I am a hero to my students; they love the fact that recordings of classes are available and use them if they miss class and also for review…Surprisingly, I have found that almost all of my students still attend the class in person. They tell me Panopto is a great backup if they are sick, but it’s not a substitute for being in class.”
  • Instructors can cover more content and have deeper discussions in class. “Our students truly appreciate it and we can move them a step further along in the learning process. It makes them efficient and allows them access to the lecture content in multiple stages of learning.”
  • “Being able to revisit lectures is very helpful when studying for exams. I think it should be standard for all students to receive these recordings.”
  • In a recent UW survey, the majority of students indicated that Panopto has a positive impact on their learning
    • 98% of students agreed that Panopto contributed to their learning.
    • 94% felt more secure about learning.
    • 91% agreed that viewing recordings improved their grades.


Common concerns

Worried your students won’t attend class? Researchers in the UK found that attendance didn’t go down and in some cases attendance actually went up when instructors recorded their courses using Panopto Some instructors give more quizzes in class to encourage attendance.

Having a bad hair day? Don’t use the camera on your laptop, or select a camera angle that doesn’t point to you in the classroom.

Don’t want your mother to see your recordings? The creator of the recording controls who can view it. By default, students in the course can view course recordings.

Access Panopto and create a recording

UW offers two ways to record your courses:

  • (in some classrooms) schedule Panopto to record automatically during your scheduled class time
  • use your own computer to record

Schedule a recording
If you teach a course listed in the UW Time Schedule, in a classroom that supports the automated Scheduled Lecture Capture (the rooms with an Automated Panopto Recorder in the classroom list), you can schedule your recordings through Canvas.

Record using your computer
If you are teaching in a room with an AV Bridge that doesn’t have an Automated Panopto Recorder, you can connect your laptop via a USB cable and then use the cameras and microphones in the room and record from your laptop.

If you aren’t teaching in a classroom with a recorder or AV Bridge, you can still create a recording using your computer. Instructions:

  1. StepsActions
  2. If you haven’t already, install the Panopto Recdownload Panoptoorder:
    1. In your Canvas course, from the left menu, select Panopto Recordings. (Note: you can log in directly to Panopto, but it’s easier to log in via your Canvas course because your recordings will be put in the correct class folder.)
    2. Click the purple Create button
    3. Click the Record a New Session option
    4. Download the correct version of the recorder for the OS you are using and follow the installation directions.
  3. If you have already downloaded the recorder, on the Record a New Session page, select Launch Panopto. Launch Panopto
  4. Select the folder for your recording; by default it will be your course folder. Panopto recorder
  5. Make sure that an audio and video source is selected. Note: You must at least have audio in order for the recording to be complete and usable.
  6. Choose any of the following: video, screen capture, PowerPoint or Keynote capture. Note: In order to properly record PowerPoint presentations, after you have launched PowerPoint, you must have it in full-screen presentation mode.
  7. Give your recording a name that will make it easy for your audience to identify. The default name is the date and time when the recording was created.
  8. Click the red circular Record button.
  9. To finish the recording click Stop.
  10. You may enter a description that will display under the recording title in Canvas and Panopto.
  11. Select Upload. You will then see the upload status on the Manage Recordings screen.

Tip: if you are using your computer to record in a classroom, make sure your microphone works well with Panopto. If you (or anyone else in your class) are speaking several feet from your microphone, you may sound great in the classroom, but students may not be able to hear you in the recording.

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Last reviewed January 24, 2019