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Add a Panopto recording to a Canvas page

Within your Canvas course, you can embed a video into a Canvas page (this is in addition to adding a link to the Canvas navigation menu).


  1. While editing a Canvas page, select the Panopto button in the toolbar.
  2. Select the Panopto video you wish to embed. Only Panopto videos stored in the Panopto course folder will be viewable by students enrolled in the course.
  3. Click Insert
  4. The Panopto video is now added to the Canvas page. Save the Canvas page to apply.

Note: if you plan to use course content in future quarters, you must copy and move Panopto recordings to the new instance of your Canvas course. If the pages are simply copied, the embedded videos will not be viewable by students in the new Canvas course. To copy and move Panopto recordings, follow these instructions from Panopto. Note: You do not need admin access to bulk copy recordings.


Last reviewed March 16, 2020