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Import and Convert from CSV for Grade Submission

CSV import to GradePage for grade submission

In addition to importing from Canvas Gradebook or Catalyst GradeBook, you now have the option to import grades from a CSV file.

Formatting a CSV for import to GradePage

Files imported to GradePage must be in .csv format. The import will not accept Excel file types such as .xlsx or .xls.

The CSV is required to contain at least two columns: a column for student identifier and a column for class grades, and must use the following column headings which may already exist in an export or will need to be manually entered:

  • Column heading for student identifier
    • SIS User ID (found in Canvas Gradebook) OR
    • StudentNo (found in MyUW class roster)
  • Column heading for grades to be submitted
    • ImportGrade

GradePage import will accept exported CSVs from Canvas Gradebook or the MyUW class roster, with the addition of a Class Grade column. Grades can be in 4.0 scale format, which will be directly imported, or percentages, which will need to be converted during the import process.

About converting percentage grades

To meet the requirements of the University, percentage grades must be converted to the appropriate grade point scale before being submitted. Class grades can be values on the grade point (4.0) scale for undergraduate or graduate students, credit/no credit, or other official grading systems used by your school or department.

The conversion calculator in the online grade submission form helps you convert percentage grades into grades appropriate for the UW grading system. You can create a scheme during import

Using the conversion calculator

To create a scheme, you start by setting two or more points in the conversion calculator. The conversion calculator fills in the rest of the Grade Scale table for you. (Linear interpolation, a mathematical method for determining values on a straight line between two known points, is used to fill in the grading scale between the points you enter.)

To use the calculator to create a simple linear scale, enter the minimum score for the highest grade, and the minimum score for the lowest grade receiving credit into the calculator. Here are example values for an undergraduate grade point scale:

Screenshot of the conversion calculator with example values 98% = 4.0 and 60% = 0.7

You can refine the scale by adding rows and entering points in between the highest and lowest values.

On the Grade Scale table, scores equal to or greater than the minimum percentage score will receive the equivalent class grade. For example, if 97% = 4.0 is entered in the conversion table, then scores of 97% and 98% will both receive a 4.0.

You can also manually fill out the Grade Scale with the percentages that correspond to the grade points.

Import scores from a CSV into the online grade submission form

  1. Go to The current term is selected and the classes for which you need to submit grades appear below the current term.
  2. Click the class name.
  3. Click Import From and select CSV File.

  4. Click Browse…, select the CSV file containing the grades for your course, and then click Verify CSV.
  5. If there is an error verifying the file, use the provided information to update your file and return to step 4.
  6. Select the grade scale you want to apply (undergraduate, graduate, etc.).
    Screenshot of the grade scale options for the conversion calculator
    Note: CR/NC and P/F scales do not make use of the calculator.

  7. Create a grade scale to convert percentages to a 4.0 grade scale. On the grade conversion scale screen, you have the option to use the calculator to fill in the scale for you, or to fill in the scale manually.
    • To create a conversion scale: Enter values for at least two points into the calculator, and then click Apply to create the conversion scale to convert percentages to grades for submission. You can click Add a row to use more points to create the grade scale. The conversation scale is populated, you can modify values if desired. Scroll to the bottom, and click Review Converted Grades to proceed.
  8. On the next page, review the converted grades for the students, and click Import Grades. You are returned to the grade roster, with converted grades imported from the CSV file.
  9. On the grade roster, you can adjust final grades, indicate Incompletes (select the I tile preceding the grade), and assign writing credit (select the W tile following the grade). After assigning grades to all students in the class, click Review.
    Tip: A grade must be entered for all students before you can submit grades for each class or section.
    Tip: If the Review button is unavailable or disabled, either you do not have permission to submit grades, or some students do not have a grade assigned. Check to make sure that all students in the currently displayed section or class have valid final grades. To view a list of instructors permitted to submit grades for each section, click the information icon in the upper right of the grade submission form.
  10. Review the grades and then click Submit.
    Note: Once you press Submit, the grades are sent to the Registrar. Any further changes will require you to use the online Change of Grade Form.
  11. To continue assigning and submitting grades for other classes, click Return to the list of classes you can grade. You will move to the class chooser page.

Problem importing a CSV?

If you experience a problem with submitting grades, please confirm you are listed as being an authorized grade submitter.

For any other issues, please email with GradePage CSV Upload as part of the subject line. Please do not attach your CSV file or an image of your CSV file, as emailing student grade information is a FERPA violation. If needed, information will be provided about how to share your CSV with the support team.