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Canvas Model Courses

These model courses are adapted from actual courses taught by UW instructors in previous quarters. The purpose in sharing these model courses is to demonstrate the flexibility and ease of creating your own course in Canvas. Explore, navigate, and get a feel for the possible ways to organize course content.

As you explore these model courses, note the different ways that instructors have set up their courses and used the Canvas course elements. For example, each model course shows a different use of the home page; some instructors used this space for the course syllabus, others used it for class time and location info. Some instructors pasted in a previously existing syllabus, others used the rich text editor to create a syllabus directly in Canvas.

The model courses also illustrate how instructors use some of the Canvas sections and not others. For example:

In order to protect student information, some sections have been removed, so these examples are less robust than what you would typically see in an active Canvas course: communication among students and instructor, discussions, submitted assignments, and the gradebook.

New model courses will be added continually, so check back again soon.