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Technology Keys

What is a Technology Key?

A Technology Key, commonly known as an IOFA key, provides access to portable equipment cart padlocks and locked drawers of teaching podia in general assignment classrooms located on the Seattle campus. The key is used to secure classroom teaching equipment in an effort to prevent theft and ensure equipment remains available for instructional purposes as well as scheduled events.

Do I need a Technology Key?

Depending on your assigned classroom, teaching methods, and/or use of classroom technology, a key may not be required. We highly encourage classroom users to visit the room in advance, or view our Classroom Features page, to determine whether or not a key will be necessary in support of a class or scheduled event.

Who may check out a Technology Key?

Technology Keys may be checked out on a quarterly basis to course instructors and teaching assistants. Event coordinators and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may temporarily check out a key, upon verification of room reservation, for up to seven days.

Subject to time schedule verification, course instructors and teaching assistants may renew their key when teaching during subsequent quarters; however, keys checked out longer than one academic year may be subject to proof of continued possession.

How do I obtain a Technology Key?

Eligible individuals may obtain a key by visiting the Classroom Technology & Events (CTE) office located in the basement of Kane Hall, Room 035 during normal business hours Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Photo identification (HuskyCard and/or state-issued identification) is required.

What other information do I need to know?

  • Keys must be checked out in person by the user of the key (they cannot be checked out on behalf of someone else).
  • Keys will not be delivered.
  • Only one key may be checked out per person per quarter.
  • Keys are non-transferable.
  • Check out is made free of charge; however, lost keys are subject to a fee of $25.00 (budget) or $31.82 (cash/check/charge). Refunds are available for recovered keys.
  • Technology Keys do not unlock building or classroom doors. Custodial Services is responsible for daily unlocking/locking of building/classroom doors.
  • Keys are University property and must be surrendered to CTE upon request at any time.

HuskyCard Pilot Program (Updated Summer 2017)

General-use classrooms in Kane and Paccar Halls no longer use Technology Keys for access to locked drawers of teaching podia. Instead, CTE has deployed a RFID technology pilot program that utilizes your HuskyCard for unlocking classroom technology. If you will only be teaching in Kane and Paccar Hall general-use classrooms and you already have a key, you may return it to our office at your earliest convenience.

On top of the classroom podium, in front of the touch panel, a reader has been installed that will scan your HuskyCard. For instructors and teaching assistants, this will unlock the control system as well as the drawer to allow you access to the wireless microphone. The drawer will then re-lock after a few seconds. Simply tap your card on the reader again to unlock the drawer as necessary (for instance, to return the microphone at the end of class).

As each user is separately identifiable via HuskyCard, the control system will now be able to remember your last used settings and, upon tapping your HuskyCard, will recall these settings for your convenience. For example, if you use a laptop every day, upon tapping your HuskyCard the control system will turn on the projector and then route the laptop input to the projector. Lighting settings are not part of the user preferences remembered by the control system.

To see a demo system and try out your HuskyCard access, simply stop by our office located in the basement of Kane Hall, Room 035. You may also wish to view our Classroom Features page to determine the specific technology in your assigned classroom. If you have any further questions/concerns or to send us feedback on the new system, just send an email to

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