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Providing Computing Services to UW Affiliates

By default, UW affiliates such as retirees, alumni and sponsored UW NetIDs, are not provisioned with UW-IT services such as email, UW Google G Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Google, etc.) and UW Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online email, Word Online, OneDrive for Business, etc.), and cannot request these services on their own.

However, those who work on behalf of the University can have their UW NetIDs provisioned for these productivity tools.

Who is eligible to have services provisioned to them?

UW-IT services, such as UW Office 365 or UW G Suite, may be provisioned to individuals who are not regular members of the UW community when those individuals are performing work on behalf of or in support of UW and its faculty, staff, and students.

Use of these services must follow UW Information Technology’s Appropriate Use policies and may be subject to public records and other compliance related disclosures.

Temporary UW NetIDs are not eligible to be provisioned for access to UW productivity tools services.

The ability to provide access to shared UW NetIDs is in development.

Who may request that UW-IT services be provisioned?

UW faculty and staff in the following positions are presumed to have the authority to request the provisioning of UW-IT service(s), including email:

  • Deans, Department Chairs, Heads of Administrative Units
  • Department administrator (academic, medical, administrative)
  • Computing Director
  • Research study coordinator
  • Principal investigator
  • Faculty or staff member who coordinates volunteers
  • Faculty or staff working with collaborators outside of UW
  • Project manager working with vendor or consultant

All UW employees, regardless of role, may request to provision UW-IT services to a non-UW individual or to a group of non-UW individuals if the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. Provisioning UW-IT services to non-UW individual(s) is necessary to support either you in your work (e.g., teaching or research) or the UW administration; and
  2. In your position as a UW employee either (a) you are responsible for supervising the non-UW individual(s) that would be provisioned UW-IT services, or (b) within your department or organizational unit you are responsible for administering the allocation of access to resources, or (c) the executive head of your department or organizational unit has expressly delegated to you the responsibility to supervise the provisioning of UW-IT services to non-UW individuals.

What are the responsibilities of those who request provisioning of UW-IT services to a non-UW individual?

By requesting access to the tools on behalf of a UW affiliate, you are confirming that it is appropriate for that UW affiliate to have access to UW-IT services in order to conduct work relevant to the University of Washington. UW Information Technology’s Appropriate Use policies apply to their use of the tools.

If you make a request to provision UW-IT services to a non-UW individual or group of individuals, then you have the following responsibilities:

  1. You must communicate to the individual or individuals that their use of UW-IT services should respect others and must not interfere with the operation of UW computers and networks; and
  2. If your department or organizational unit has specific rules about use of UW email or IT resources that are unique to your department or unit, then you must communicate those specific rules to the individual or individuals.

What rules and regulations and policies apply to the use of UW-IT services?

Washington state laws, policies, and audit practices, as well as federal and state contract-compliance laws to which the UW is subject, require that state resources (e.g., computers and network) be used only for University-related activities. All University policies regarding the appropriate use of state resources and responsible personal conduct apply to the use of its computing and networking resources. In addition, use of computing resources must comply with the restrictions and acceptable practices established specifically for these resources. Guidelines for the appropriate use of UW computing and network resources can be found on UW Information Technology’s Appropriate Use page.

Manage access to services

You can review the UW affiliates to whom you have granted access at any time by visiting You can also revoke access if your collaborators are no longer participating in UW-related business or are otherwise no longer eligible for access to the tools.

The provision request tool is targeted to be released late April 2018.

In the future, an audit process will allow you to request access for all of your collaborators annually.

How do I obtain access to UW-IT services?

If you have a personal UW NetID but do not have access to the necessary UW-IT services, a current UW employee can request provisioning of those productivity tools for you.

To obtain services, you will need to contact your home department or other UW employee who is your primary contact for the work you currently do at UW. This may be a different person than your primary contact from your previous role — for example, if you are a retired instructor who is now volunteering with Advancement, your contact would be in Advancement, not in your previous academic department.

Inform your contact person that you need to have access to UW-IT services, and direct them to to request access for your UW NetID. The request for services lasts for one year and must be approved annually. Note: The provision request tool is targeted to be released late April 2018.

All UW appropriate use policies apply to your use of the UW-IT services.

If your access expires or your primary contact leaves the UW, you will receive a notification email. You will have a 14-day grace period to allow you to find a new individual to request access on your behalf.