Last updated: March 1, 2024

Responsibilities of the owner of a Microsoft team 

The owner of a Microsoft Team is responsible for: 

  • Managing access to the Team 
  • Securing content in the Team 
  • Managing content in the team according to UW records guidelines (or UW Medicine records guidelines, for UW Medicine employees) 
  • Submitting requests for changes to the Team to UW-IT 
  • Responding to requests from UW-IT regarding the Team 
  • Designating a new Team owner when they depart UW 
  • Deleting the Team when it is no longer needed 

Microsoft team deletion 

A Microsoft Team may be deleted by UW-IT when the last UW employee or Shared UW NetID is removed as Team owner. The owner of a Microsoft Team can delete the Team by following these directions. 

UW Student use guidance for Microsoft Teams 

UW Students may use Microsoft Teams to join and interact in a Microsoft team(s). However, UW Students are prohibited from creating and/or owning a Microsoft team as students cannot be responsible for maintaining state or educational records. 

For students who need a Microsoft team, a recommended course of action is to contact a department staff or faculty member and have them request a Microsoft team on the student’s behalf. Even if a department staff or faculty members is not participating in the Microsoft team, we recommend they use a Shared UW NetID provisioned for UW Office 365 as one of the owners of the Microsoft team so content can be removed when it is no longer needed or appropriate to hold.