Contact roles

Last updated: August 31, 2022

Each MWS customer account must have at least one contact in these four defined roles:

  • Owner contact – this person is considered authoritative for all aspects of your customer account
  • Billing contact – this person has some budget responsibility within your organization and is authorized to view and request changes to billing information
  • Technical contact – this person has technical responsibility within your organization
  • Alternate technical contact – this person also has some technical responsibility within your organization

The Managed Workstation service has expectations of people assigned these roles. Collectively, the people filling these roles must:

  • Ensure that eligibility groups are updated to reflect organizational staffing changes
  • Ensure that budgets used for billable MWS services are correct
  • Ensure that contacts and contact information is up-to-date
  • Ensure notifications from the MWS service are communicated to your organization, when appropriate.
  • Represent your organization’s needs from the Managed Workstation service
  • Ensure that appropriate resolutions are taken when the Managed Workstation identifies problems specific to your organization’s use of Managed Workstation
  • Advise your organization about Managed Workstation capabilities available to them