Software Packages

Last updated: August 29, 2022

Requesting applications

You may request that we add any application that isn’t already available in the Software Center: Application Package Request form. Adding an application is generally no additional cost. Once the application is added, it will be made available to all managed computers, unless there are licensing or other restrictions that require otherwise.

There are a few general expectations for making an application available via central distribution:

  • Software must be current and meet UW expectations, e.g. the vendor issues patches for known vulnerabilities.
  • You have current licensing for the software.
  • Where possible, we’d prefer to centrally distribute software which is licensed for all of the UW versus software which has limited licensing.
  • If the software installation is very complex or error prone, we may decline to proceed

If you are interested in this option, fill out the Application Request form.

Application package support practices

The Managed Workstation service includes support for problems that involve installing packages.  However, the Managed Workstation service does not include any additional support for software which customers request that we package. If someone using packaged software has a problem, we can help via consulting rates.

We review existing application packages on a semi-annual basis. When software no longer meets our expectations for currency, as defined below, we will stop distributing it.  When this occurs an updated application will need to be created in order to re-distribute. Before we remove an expired application package, we will attempt to contact the original requester or contact providers to let them know.

Our currency expectations are:

  • Software is either the latest version or not more than 1 year old
  • Software meets UW expectations (e.g. vendor patches vulnerabilities)
  • Licensing is current
  • UW licensing and strategy for this type of software has not changed to put this software in containment
  • Pre-requisites and other dependencies within the software package have not changed or caused the package to break

We reserve the right to stop providing a package for reasons not specified here.