Google Gmail

Last updated: May 21, 2024


UW Gmail, a component of UW Google, provides email, calendar, contacts, and task management. For more information on Gmail features, see Google’s page about Gmail.

Your UW Gmail address, username, and password

The format of your username and email address is: (Where your-UWNetID is replaced with your own personal UW NetID)  

Your password is the one associated with your UW NetID. 

Forward your email to UW Gmail

Email forwarding advisory: Only email sent directly from a UW email address ( can be reliably delivered to the email forwarding address you select on the manage email forwarding page. For more information, please review our email forwarding information page.

Email will not be delivered to your UW Gmail mailbox automatically. If you’d like to use UW Gmail, you’ll need to activate your UW Google account and then point your email forwarding to UW Gmail using these instructions. 

  1. Activate your UW Google account.
  2. Open the page Change UW Email forwarding.
  3. Select the button to the left of Forward to UW G Suite. 
  4. Click OK. 
  5. Note that it may take up 2 hours for your UW email forwarding change to take effect.

Start using UW Gmail

In a browser

Google allows you to access UW Gmail using only a browser. No other client software is needed. This is the quickest and easiest method for connecting to UW Gmail. 

Access UW Gmail in a browser 

Set up an email client

Some users prefer access their UW Gmail in an email client.

Click here to configure UW Gmail in an email client

Expiration of UW Gmail

UW Gmail, as part of UW Google, is available to current staff, faculty, and students. If you’d like to provision (i.e. provide) access to UW Google for another UW NetID, click here. If you depart the UW, your UW Google account & data will be deleted according to this timeline.