Shared UW NetIDs

Last updated: June 29, 2023

A Shared UW NetID is an account on one of the Uniform Access computers set up to supplement the services provided by an individual UW NetID.

Before requesting a Shared UW NetID, please read and be familiar with all the information on this Web page.

Shared Account — Shared accounts can be used by faculty and staff to facilitate their work.
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Purpose of Shared UW NetIDs

Faculty and staff can use Shared UW NetIDs to further their research, collaborate on group projects, and expedite any academic or administrative work at the UW. Shared UW NetID accounts are designed to supplement your individual account for facilitating your work activities. Student employees who are teaching courses may request a course shared UW NetID.

Student organizations that are registered with the Student Activities Office can use Shared UW NetID accounts for communications about their organization.

Common situations where Shared UW NetIDs are appropriate:

  • A departmental email address is needed to handle email messages to and from a department rather than an individual.
  • An email address is needed for a course so that messages from students are not mixed in with the instructor’s personal email.
  • A Web page needs to be created for a department or a course, and it should not be owned by a personal account.
  • Some activity requires access to an account by more than a single individual. Note that access by more than one person to an individual account is not permitted on the Uniform Access computers.

Types of Shared UW NetIDs

  • Departmental accounts support the electronic presence of a UW department or unit, or support business of the unit requiring multiple people to have access to a single account.
  • Course accounts support the activities of a single UW course or course section.
  • Clinical accounts support the activities of UW Clinicians. The accounts are automatically provisioned for UW Office 365 and are unable to use UW Google due to HIPAA regulations.

Student organizations interested in obtaining a Shared UW NetID account should contact the Student Activities Office.

Proper Use

All University of Washington policies regarding the appropriate use of University resources and responsible personal conduct apply to your use of UW Information Technology (UW-IT) computing and networking resources including Shared UW NetID accounts. In addition, your use of UW-IT resources must comply with the restrictions and acceptable practices established specifically for these resources.

Shared UW NetID accounts should not be used in place of individual accounts.

Owner and Account Administrators

The Shared UW NetID owner is responsible for managing the active status of the account and must be a full-time UW employee. The Shared UW NetID owner is responsible for proper use, account maintenance, and file privileges. You may want to add one or more “Account Administrators” on the account. An Account Administrator can change the Shared UW NetID’s password and add additional Account Administrators as well as access the Shared UW NetID account through online tools such as Catalyst. An Account Administrator would not have authority to have the account closed, renamed, or to change the account owner. Account Administrators must be UW faculty, staff, or students.

By agreeing to become the Shared UW NetID owner you accept responsibility for the proper use and maintenance of the account within the published policies and guidelines.

Services for Shared UW NetID Accounts

Shared UW NetID accounts provide the following computing services:

  • A UNIX account on Homer (or Dante for student organization Shared UW NetIDs).
  • A Web publishing directory on the appropriate UW Web server.

These accounts will be created with the normal default resources for disk space.

Shared UW NetID Account Expiration

Shared UW NetID accounts can expire or be removed if the owner:

  • Specifically requests that the account expire on a certain date
  • or
  • Submits a request in writing to delete the Shared UW NetID
  • The owner leaves the UW

Name changes

The UW NetID Manage page can be used to update the name associated with a Shared UW NetID.

Shared UW NetIDs and other UW-IT services

To provision other UW-IT services for a Shared UW NetID, please see the Provisioning Request Tool (PRT) for more information.