Creating a New MWS Customer Account

Last updated: August 29, 2022

Managed Workstation Customer Accounts

Managed workstation customer accounts (formerly known as departments) are the basis for how you organize, manage, and track your organization’s use of our services.

Requesting a MWS Customer Account

  1. Create your MWS Eligibility Group in UW Groups. This will be where you add users for MWS access. If you want to differentiate who also has access to the MWS VPN, Home Directory, or Shared File Service, you can create separate eligibility groups for each.
  2. Identify a default budget for computers and one for users.
  3. Submit the brief MWS Account Request Form with this information.

Customer Account Contacts

Each MWS customer account must have at least four defined roles:

  • Owner contact –authoritative for all aspects of your customer account
  • Billing contact –authorized to view and request changes to billing information
  • Technical contact
  • Alternate technical contact

Customer’s responsibilities:

  • Manage eligibility group membership
  • Notify us of any budget or contact changes
  • Communicate MWS service information to your organization, as appropriate.
    NOTE: we recommend all contacts are on the mws-announce mailing list.
  • Ensure that appropriate resolutions are taken when the Managed Workstation identifies problems specific to your organization’s use of Managed Workstation

For more information on the Managed Workstation Service Design: MWS Service Information.