WebQ Survey Retirement FAQ

Last updated: April 29, 2022

What can I use to create surveys instead of Catalyst WebQ?

UW Microsoft Forms (part of UW Office 365) and UW Google Forms are both supported by UW-IT. With these tools, you can:

  • Create and send surveys
  • View survey responses in data-friendly formats
  • Secure surveys by making them accessible to users with UW NetIDs only
Feature UW Microsoft Forms  UW Google Forms 
UW NetID secured Yes (Only people in my organization can respond setting) Yes (Restrict to users in UW and its trusted organizations setting)
Group secured Forms can be restricted to members of a Microsoft- enabled group, as long as the group is not hidden. Note: Course groups are hidden for privacy reasons. No
Anonymous Yes Yes (make sure that Collect email addresses setting is off)
Confidential No, respondents cannot be identified by a code. No, respondents cannot be identified by a code.

When do I have to stop using Catalyst WebQ?

WebQ will be turned off Thursday, June 16, 2022. On that date, all surveys and their automated announcements and reminders will end and surveys will receive no more submissions.

How do I transition from Catalyst WebQ?

  1. Identify the tool you will use (UW Microsoft Forms or UW Google Forms), and start getting familiar with it.
  2. Review your existing WebQ surveys and delete content no longer needed.
  3. Download any survey content and responses you want to keep.
  4. Starting Monday, June 27, 2022, survey content and responses will be available to survey owner and administrator UW NetID accounts in a new self-service archive. You will receive additional notification and instructions for accessing the archive by May 2022.

How can I export survey content, or copy survey questions to another tool?

  1. In WebQ, on the survey summary screen under the About this survey heading, click Export.
  2. A ZIP file containing the survey questions (as an HTML page) and any embedded image files, will download.
  3. To view survey content, open the survey.html file in a Web browser, and then copy the questions and answer options to another survey tool.

How long will my survey data be available?

You can download survey content and responses from WebQ now.

After June 16, 2022, the Catalyst team will export survey data to a self-service archive. Data will be available from the archive starting Monday, June 27, 2022 and remain available until July 2024.

What happens to survey data if/when a survey owner leaves the UW?

As part of off-boarding from the UW, survey owners should transfer ownership of a survey to a colleague’s personal UW NetID. Neglecting to do so will mean that the survey questions and responses cannot be accessed by team mates.

What should I do if I my surveys need to be open during and after WebQ’s retirement date?

Plan to transition as soon as possible. We recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Determine the survey tool you will use; UW Microsoft Forms or UW Google Forms are available and supported by UW-IT.
  2. Create and test your survey in the new survey tool you have selected.
  3. Determine a date prior to June 16, 2022 on which survey respondents will be sent to the new survey tool.
    • Update your survey URLs (in messaging, etc.) to point to new tool.
    • Manually close the existing survey in Catalyst so that additional responses are not collected.
  4. Plan to modify your data analysis in order to aggregate data from the two different sources.

Are UW Microsoft Forms and UW Google Forms accessible?

Yes. In a recent review of survey tools in use at the UW, UW-IT’s Accessible Technology Services found that “Microsoft and Google produce the most accessible survey forms.”

What about using UW Groups?

To send surveys to UW Groups or to restrict members of a survey to a UW Group, you must use the Microsoft Forms tool.

I rely on Catalyst WebQ. Why can’t UW-IT just keep upgrading it?

WebQ is built on an obsolete application framework that requires a server environment that is no longer supported and will not remain stable and secure. In addition, UW-IT’s governance boards have asked that services with decreasing usage, and for which there exist excellent alternatives, be retired. Learn more about the criteria for retiring Catalyst WebQ.