Exchange/Outlook Resource Calendars

Last updated: August 29, 2022
These instructions are only intended for MWS Customers. Non-MWS Users should visit for more information.

Requesting Resource Calendars

MWS can set up Resource Calendars that can be used for scheduling, room reservations, or equipment. There is a nominal one time charge to  consult and create the resource calendar. More information on our consulting fees can be found in the MWS Service Catalog.

You can request a Resource Calendar by sending your request by email to:

When you send your request by email, we will need the following information:

  • Specify the type of resource: (Room, Equipment, Schedule)
  • The department full name
  • The department short name
  • Name of Resource (For an Equipment OR Room Resource request, you may also specify):
    • Building name
    • Room name/number
    • NOTE: The “Building name” + “room number” are used to form the “Location” field, visible to meeting participants. Use short, consistent forms for these fields. e.g. “PAB” instead of “Purchasing & Accounting” and “250 West” vs “Conference room 1”
  • For a Room Resource Request, you may also specify:
    •  Capacity
    • Phone number: (format: +1 000 000-0000)
  • No other information is needed for a Schedule resource calendar
  • Any restrictions to access (Who can invite; who can see what information, etc; strongly recommend that a UW Group be used for this purpose)

NOTE: All resources follow the same naming convention: “deptshortname”dot”description”

If you want a resource named “F2.HRP Huddle Area”, the deptshortname=F2 and the description=HRP Huddle Area

‘Alphanumeric’ includes letters and numbers but not other characters.


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