LastPass Password Manager

Last updated: September 13, 2023
Do not forget your LastPass Master Password. UW LastPass administrators cannot reset your password and have no access to any of your saved passwords.
LastPass Guide

All UW Employees are eligible to request a LastPass Enterprise account.

Managed Workstation Customers are able to enroll using the steps below. (MWS customers are anyone who is a member of an eligibility group as designated by their MWS customer account contact).

Non-MWS customers can also request accounts, though their team will first need to have an eligibility group created. More information on creating that group can be found here.

Enrolling for Managed Workstation Customers

To initiate enrollment, you first need to request an account. To do this, go to the UW Group named u_passman_users_requested in the Groups Service and click “Join this group”. Within 60 minutes, this action will result in an email from LastPass with a time-limited invitation you can use to complete creation of your LastPass account. You must then choose a LastPass Enterprise account password to complete creation. The LastPass Enterprise account password is not the same as your UW NetID password. Make sure you make the password memorable, we cannot recover or reset password.

UW Duo MFA is currently enabled on all LastPass accounts.   This account controls access to passwords that likely can get to your most sensitive data–it deserves additional protection. Lastpass also supports a wide-variety of other multifactor options.

Do not forget your LastPass Master Password. Your LastPass master password is the only key to get access to the encrypted passwords you store in LastPass. UW LastPass administrators have no access to any of your saved passwords.

UW LastPass administrators cannot reset your password and have no access to any of your saved passwords.


LastPass provides several methods to recover or reset your master password. It’s very important to note that you must setup these methods before you forget your password. UW LastPass administrators cannot reset your password and have no access to any of your saved passwords.

Use Mobile Account Recovery for iOS or Android

The easiest and most reliable way of resetting your password, regardless of how you typically use LastPass (desktop app, web browser extension, mobile app), is to install the LastPass App on your smartphone. Then, after logging in to the app on the phone, turn on Touch ID/Fingerprint or Face ID authentication. You can then use mobile account recovery for iOS or Android, allowing you to reset your Master Password using biometrics.

Use SMS Recovery to Reset a Forgotten Master Password

This recovery method requires that you have already set up SMS recovery before you forget your Master Password (LastPass has instructions here). This recovery option also requires a valid Recovery One Time Password, which is created when you log in to the LastPass web browser extension on your desktop and have not cleared your cache.

  1. Navigate to, enter your email address, then click Continue.
  2. The system texts your phone a numeric code. Enter this code into your browser, and click Verify.
  3. Click Click to Recover Account.
  4. If prompted, complete steps for Multifactor Authentication.
  5. When the next window appears advising that Account Recovery has been detected and that you must immediately change your password, click OK to proceed.
  6. Enter a new Master Password and confirm, then enter Master Password hint (optional but recommended).
  7. Click Confirm.
  8. When prompted with a message that your password has changed and advising you to log out manually (if you are not automatically logged out), click OK to proceed.
  9. Once you have been logged off of LastPass, you can log back in again using your new Master Password.

LastPass is available for installation on all Managed Workstations via a few simple steps.

Installation on a Managed Workstation

For managed workstations, the recommended method for installing is through the Software Center. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the Start Menu and type “Software”, the Software Center should appear in the Start Menu as the top result. Open it.
  • In the list of available software, click on “LastPass Windows Universal Installer” and click “Install”
  • The installer will start automatically, follow the prompts to complete installation.

Installation on a Non-Managed Workstation

For non-managed workstations, including computers and smart devices running macOS, iOS, and Android, installation is as follows:

  • In a web browser, visit the LastPass Download 
  • Download the appropriate installer for your platform
  • Run the installer, following the prompts.

If you’ve previously used another password manager, you can quickly import your passwords into LastPass.

To begin, click on the LastPass Icon, click the More Options on the drop-down menu and click Advanced, then Import. You will then be shown a web page with a drop down menu for every password manager format that LastPass supports. Most importing is automatic, though some may require additional steps. If you find yourself stuck, LastPass offers a detailed password importing guide.

LastPass Enterprise users can link their Personal LastPass Accounts with their Enterprise Accounts.  This enables users to access their personal LastPass entries while using their Enterprise Account, all while keeping the two accounts separate. UW LastPass administrators have no access to any of your saved passwords, personal or enterprise.

To set up a Linked Personal Account, log in to the LastPass browser extension with your Enterprise credentials.  Go to the LastPass Plug-In Icon -> My LastPass Vault, and click on the “Link Personal Account” link on the left-hand actions menu. Follow the prompts. If you get stuck or would like instructions on how to unlink your accounts, visit the LastPass Help center.

Your LastPass Enterprise account is intended for storage of passwords and secrets related to your affiliation with the UW.

When your affiliation with the UW comes to an end, your eligibility for a LastPass Enterprise account will also end. This means that your account will be disabled then deleted, and you will no longer have access to the passwords you’ve stored.

If you have passwords or secrets that are not related to the UW, you should store those in a LastPass personal account. These will survive any future affiliation change and loss of your UW LastPass Enterprise account. As mentioned above, you can link your LastPass personal account to your LastPass enterprise account, so you can conveniently use LastPass for both kinds of passwords.

Your eligibility for a UW LastPass Enterprise account is tied to your eligibility for Managed Workstation. The contacts for your MWS customer account provide an eligibility group which informs Managed Workstation that you are eligible. When you are removed from that group, you will lose eligibility for your UW LastPass account.

If your team decides to stop using LastPass you can export your passwords for use in another password manager. To do so go to your LastPass Icon > More Options > Advanced > Export. This will export your usernames and passwords to a .csv file.

Note: this file will be unencrypted plaintext, so we strongly recommend that you don’t e-mail this file or place it on any server. Protect this file like you would your most confidential and sensitive data.